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Boohbah: Ice Cream Cone, William Weyser's 1st ever fan-made Boohbah DVD and VHS, is a fan-made Boohbah DVD and VHS. Join the Boohbahs as they do a busy dizzy spin, gallop from side to side, move arms side to side, stretch and sway, run round and round and round, go up and down, make a chain like a train, and bounce up and down, and also join the Storypeople as

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Boohbah: Ice Cream Cone. Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is! William Weyser's very 1st Boohbah DVD, Boohbah: Ice Cream Cone. The 4, not 3, episodes are Ice Cream Cone, Drink Of Milk, Colored Bricks The Big Ball. Coloured Bricks, which is William Weyser's favorite episode on this DVD, is the only Boohbah survivor for his made-up Teletubbies ...

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When Grandpappa's ice cream cone is filled up and full, the ice cream machine finally stops. Now, Grandpappa is relieved and he has a boat load of ice cream, as do Brother Sister. Next, Little Dog Fido shows up and licks 1 of the 2 dropped ice creams. Then, Little Dog Fido barks like crazy for some reason, and the Storyworld segment ends with Grandpappa, Brother Sister

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It's a Fandom user. Welcome to the Boohbah Wiki, the unofficial guide to the one-of-a-kind interactive show by the same creator of Teletubbies! We offer articles about your favourite episodes, as well as articles about characters, locations, and merchandise, so go do what you can do! Don't forget to stop by this wiki's brother, the Teletubbies Wiki, and go to the Boohbah

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