triangle pyramid tea packing machine
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triangle pyramid tea packing machine.

Pyramid Tea Packing Machine Exquisite Tea Bag

08/03/2021  Currently, we have a pyramid tea packing machine with two scales, a tea triangle packaging machine with four scales, and a nylon

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Pyramid Tea Packing MachineTriangle Sachet Tea Bag ...

Features of pyramid tea bag machine: 1. Through the ultrasonic sealing and cutting, packaging is quite smooth. 2. It can make triangle sharp,rice

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Pyramid Shape tea bag packing machine - Xhteapack

Xhteapack ‘s pyramid tea bag machines are designed for Triangle /Rectangular tea bag packaging. It is widely used in packing loose tea leaf, herbal tea, flower tea, and blend tea, etc. Besides, we own a number of technology patents for manufacturing pyramid tea bag machines. You can choose a cost-effective herbal tea packing machine that fits your production scale

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Triangle and Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Triangle and Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine T60. This is our full automatic pyramid tea bag packing machine, it makes triangle / pyramid / rectangular flat shape tea bags automatically, the machine controlled by PLC, and all the parameter setting like tea bag shape changing can be finished on the color touch screen. Outer envelop machine can be added,

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Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine for Loose Leaf

06/07/2020  The pyramid tea bag packing machine has a wide range of applications, such as: green tea, black tea, flower tea, health tea, and other

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