machine italian ice cream machine
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machine italian ice cream machine.

Professional ice cream machines made in Italy Nemox

GELATISSIMO EXCLUSIVE I-GREEN ice cream machine. New design, high efficiency refrigeration unit, powerful mixing motor. All the natural ice cream you want with the new Nemox compressor ice cream maker. Bianca. 14. GELATO CHEF 2200 WHITE I-GREEN. Listing: €420.00. Price: €294.00. You Save: €126.00 (30%) CHEF 2200 I-GREEN - WHITE Ice cream

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All the Italian ice cream you want with the new machine from Nemox, the leading manufacturer in Italy !. With TALENT Gelato amp; Sorbet you can prepare Italian Ice Cream, Sorbets, Frozen Yogurt and Slushies of all possible flavors. It is a compact and efficient machine that makes ice cream for up to 8/10 people (800g.) In just 20/30 minutes.

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Italian ice cream machine - Best of Italy

An Italian ice cream machine churns the ice cream more slowly. So it becomes denser and it contains less air. Whereas other ice creams contain up to 50 percent air, Italian gelato has only about 25 percent. Americans love their ice cream deeply frozen. Italians consume it at a slightly higher temperature. That is why the flavors are more intense. Italian ice cream machine:

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Professional Ice Cream Machines For Italian Gelato

Nemox International, produce macchine da gelato professionali e domestiche. Ideali per gelatieri e pasticceri, ristoranti, hotel, settore HO.RE.CA.

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Italian ice cream maker - Best of Italy

What makes Italian gelato so creamy is the fact that the Italian ice cream maker churns the ice cream at a slower velocity and for a longer time. That makes it denser. There is not so much air in the ice cream. Italian gelato contains only about half of the amount of air that is in other ice cream. Third, the Italian gelato is served at a warmer temperature. It is not really frozen.

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